Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Goaties in the sunshine

Another glorious hay making day!

And here's a pic of our young man Toggy enjoying the sunshine in his new home with his friend Socks:

Toggy managed to break into the neighbour's garden a couple of weeks ago and made himself very ill by eating some of their plants which are poisonous to goaties.  He was a very poorly boy for several days but with the help of the local vet and lots of TLC from his new family, he survived the experience and is now back to his usual naughty self.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ... Husky started the day off nicely as she enjoyed breakfast with her dad Daramac (with uncles Fremlin and Max in the foreground):

And one of our little chaps decided that the best way to attract the girls was to wear a considerable amount of hay on your head:

Seemed to work a treat!

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