Saturday, 27 July 2013

All on the move again

Yet again we are moving everyone around!  The 6 little stud boys were moved out into the cattle yard a few days ago in preparation for some of them going off to Somerset:

We let them settle in for a couple of days and then we moved The Boys back outside as well:

It's coming round to THAT time of year again .. and having already seen a suspiciously waggy tail on one of the girls the other day, it was time to get those big chaps back outside and away from the ladies.  They are quite happy out there as they can talk to the girls over the fence.  And they are very gentle with the little chaps as well.  All boys together!

As I went out to feed them this evening in a thunderstorm and torrential rain, I did wonder if it was sensible to be wandering around in the middle of an open yard wheeling a metal wheelbarrow through metal gates ....

David has modified the big hayrack slightly to lift it off the ground. 

That's spoilt poor Kitty's game as she can no longer jump on top of the bale, but it does mean that more goats can get round/under it at any one time.

It always makes me laugh to see them rushing back in to eat their hay after morning milking.  They have a lovely field outside to graze but they all have to come dashing back into the barn to get a tum-full of that yummy hay first.

At considerable personal risk, I shot a little video on my phone yesterday morning as I opened the gate to let them all back in.  I managed to keep my balance ... just ...

My little Husky is growing bigger every day but she still likes to sit on your lap at coffee time.  Methinks she is getting just a little too big for this now ..  But she does like to try and drink the water as it comes out of the tap instead of waiting for the bucket to fill up:

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