Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Who remembers Ginger goat?

Cast your mind back to last year ...  Remember Ginger goat?  The Houdini of the goat shed?  Used to climb over or through gates?  Then Ginger got pregnant and was too fat to escape.  And she had babies and everyone (ie. David) thought that she had settled down.  But, you see, it was just as I thought (and I happen to think like a goat) ... she was just biding her time and waiting ...

Yes indeedy ..  Photos taken tonight at milking time.  I can't tell you how impressed David was that she was up to her old tricks.  Not.

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, many of the babies are now feeding from troughs hung on the outside of their gates.  We have a lot of troughs but not enough to hang on every gate, so some of them are moved back and forth between the babies and the milkers.  So, as soon as the troughs are moved off the gate, Ginger seizes her chance and wiggles her way out.  Bless her. ...

As I write, I can hear the rain thundering down again outside.  Good job my best friend Linda sent me a surprise present this week.  How about these for a pair of wellies?!!

How utterly fab and gorgeous are those?!  Grass and daisies .. just my style.  The goats will love them.  Think they might go down a storm at the Kent Show as well .. Looking at the weather forecast, I think I might be needing them!

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