Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The latest student

Our latest temporary addition to the Ellie's Dairy goatie team is Jo who is a vet student from Bristol Uni.  Here we see her working hard with David in the goat shed:

We have been pretty lucky with all our students so far and Jo is no exception.  Lovely bubbly personality and very enthusiastic.  She has particular interests in animal welfare and compassionate farming so hopefully we will fit her ethical requirements!  Her mum Julie drove her down to us on Sunday evening and Jo went straight to work.  I have to say that she does have the snazziest wellies seen so far on a vet student.  We're not used to such elegance in the goat shed!

As Jo lives some distance away, she is staying with me at my little house.  She brought some yummy food with her and we are planning on cooking something very chocolatey with one of the ingredients!  Marmite has already made friends with her and splits her night between Jo's bed and my own! 

The weather was a lot better today but still not good enough for David to get started on haymaking as the forecast is for rain again tomorrow.  It's possible that we might get a few days next week but we will see.

The goatie girls spent some time in their field today but came in when the sun got too warm.  Everyone lay around dozing and Daphne fell asleep standing up with her head on the gate!

Off to bed!  Night nigh ...


  1. Hi Debbie. Nice picture of Dave. Is that grey hair appearing? Speak soon. Lots of love xx

  2. Sure is!! More than a few grey hairs now I can tell you!