Tuesday, 24 July 2012

First hay of the season

And here it is ... the first bale of the year.  With our official taster - Miss Ginger Goat:

Apparently it's rather good.  And you can't believe what a relief it is to have some hay baled and waiting to come into the barn.  SO happy!!!

Young Larkin went off on his 'working' holiday today to spend some time with the goatlings.  He is a good lad - very laid back and gentle - and all the youngsters were quite impressed with him.  I think he will be very popular with the girls although they are not quite sure about him at the moment!

One of our little male kids went off to a new home this evening as well.  A very nice family sadly lost one of their goats a few weeks ago and wanted a new youngster to keep their remaining goat company.  He's a really sweet little chap and was a favourite of Jo's as she was bottle feeding him this week:

If you look at this picture closely you will notice a naughty white goat directly behind Jo.  Just after the picture was taken, this goat pulled a sizeable chunk of her hair out!

With the weather being so hot today we spent quite some time making sure that everyone had lots of fresh water.  The weaned babies are drinking quite a lot now and have an automatic water bowl in their pen - how big and grown up!  But they still love to drink from a bucket whenever they get the chance and some of them like to drink straight from the tap.  As I was trying to fill a bucket this evening I had a small audience of little goats sticking their heads under the water tap:

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