Friday, 20 July 2012

Getting ready for the Olympics

Great excitement in the goat shed yesterday as the Olympic Torch Relay came to Kent.  Jo and I went to feed the goatlings at teatime and then drove up the road a bit to wait for the convoy.  The torch was being carried further along the main road but we couldn't really leave David doing all the milking and feeding, so we just had to be content with seeing the convoy go past.  Presumably the flame is in the back of someone's car!!  Nice to see the police motorcyclists waving though :-)

I have to say though, it's all going to be a bit of a pain in the bum for the next few weeks.  I will have to do my London deliveries at ungodly hours of the day and night to avoid all the traffic and it will certainly be interesting trying to get to the London Farmers' Markets.  Once in a lifetime though so can't really complain!

We have got a couple of new additions to the main goat shed this week as we moved two of the goatlings up to the main herd.  We are getting ready to send young Larkin down to spend some romantic time with all those lovely young goatlings but we had to move his two daughters away first.  Irma and Fuschia are now with all the big girls in the main barn and seem to be fitting in very well.  They seem to take more after their mother Foxglove rather than their father and they are certainly cheeky enough to cope with the rest of the milkers.  And they like to help getting the hay into the hay racks after milking:

The world is full of cheeky, naughty goats ..

Wye Market tomorrow morning and I have promised Jo that she can have a lie in and not come into the goat shed early.  She is very excited about not having to get up at 5am ...  But she is coming to market with me so that should be good fun.  Look out Wye, here we come!

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