Friday, 8 June 2012

The wonders of technology ...

Hang the flags out!  We now have a permanent landline broadband connection here at Ellie's Dairy.  Hurrah!!!!  No more (hopefully) flaky rural mobile broadband.  What an absolute luxury!  And speedy beyond belief.  So, no more excuses for not blogging .. you will get fed up with me now I have unfettered access to waffle ...
So ..... naughty goats.  We have a few, as you well know from previous posts.  Seems that it runs in the genes though ... Martha's two little people (almost the youngest inhabitants of the goat shed) have developed a great knack of slipping themselves out between the bars of their pen.  Doesn't matter how we make the pen, what type of hurdles they have or how high or low the gates are, they seem to be able to get through or over anything at all. 
As soon as they hear us in the morning they are up and out .. they come skipping over to us to say good morning.  It's hard to be cross with such beautiful little creatures when they are so earnest!
Of course, once they have been fed, they settle down and go straight to sleep!

The girls have not been impressed with the weather over the last couple of days.  That wind gets right up your bottom when you're out in the field.  So everyone has stayed firmly indoors.  Lots of fresh straw and hay ..

And the big chaps have just been lounging around as well.  They are all looking very nice at this time of year - all well fed and nicely groomed.  It won't last though - a few more weeks and their thoughts will be turning to romance.  It's incredible how much energy the boys use during their working season, so we like to make sure that they are nice and plump and healthy and at their very best for all those lovely ladies.

Here's a few of them just taking it easy:

Navajo, Max and Fremlin

Well, that's me done and off to bed.  Very early start in the morning - got to get all those babies fed and watered before loading up for Balham market.  Better take some extra weights with me to hold the awning down!!

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