Monday, 4 June 2012

The Big Breakfast

Actually, several Big Breakfasts to be correct.  As you know, we like our nosh here at Ellie's Dairy and Saturday morning was no exception.  We decided to have a team outing to Lenham chippie - an excellent establishment that provides the most wonderful (and enormous) cooked breakfasts.  And here we all are:

Fran at the back, Julie in the middle and the two Davids at the front.  David to the left is Julie's other half - he is also a cheesemaker and works for us from time to time doing various bits and pieces with cheese.  He is also very handy at hauling the milk tanker if neither of us are free to do it.

The boys decided that they could cope with the 'mega' breakfast.  No mean feat!  And all plates were cleared at the end .. what a team effort.  Needless to say, noone needed to eat anything else for the rest of the day!  Julie and Dave went shopping in Canterbury whilst David, Fran and I mucked out all the babies to try and work off some of that fat!!

Sunday market at Parson's Green was dismal to say the least - the weather was cold and wet and there was just noone around.  Either everyone had cleared out of town for the weekend or they were all down at the Thames watching the Jubilee River Pageant.  Happily though, the traffic was virtually none existent and so I got there and back very easily.  I did see a few of the boats getting themselves ready as I drove along the river near Putney - all looked very exciting!

Well, all our new babies are doing very well and almost everyone is feeding off the teats now.  There is one exception - Meryl's little white daughter will not feed from a bottle or from a teat.  She prefers instead to stick her head straight in the jug:

The older kids still complain when they don't get any milk in the mornings!  Hay and hard feed is just not the same.  Still, it gives them more time to play while I am getting everything ready for them - a little video for you:

They just love that big metal feeder to jump on.

Julie and I are cheesemaking today - no rest for the wicked.  Maybe we will get a few hours off tomorrow for the extra bank holiday but it rather depends on what the goats have in store for us when we open the door in the morning!

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