Sunday, 16 October 2011

Happy Birthday David!

Happy Birthday David!  21 again ...  And what a beautiful day for a birthday!  This was the view from the goat barn this morning as we were milking.  Taken on my phone so not fantastic quality but gives you some idea of just how gorgeous it was being up early with all that mist around.

Remember the little chap who kept jumping in the hayracks??  Well, there was two of them at it yesterday and so I moved them both into another area in the hay barn with another group of kids so that they couldn't do it any more.  Spoilt their fun!  Kids in hayracks are just accidents waiting to happen as they invariably get their feet or legs caught up at some point and then we have nasty injuries or broken legs.  I wasn't going to wait for that to happen and so moved them both out.  They are having great fun making new friends and running about in the new area.

However, this morning, there was a further 3 naughty little people boinging in and out of the racks ... I could not move all of them and so David and I changed the fencing that the racks sit on in order to make it higher.  So, now the racks are too high for them to jump in.  Problem solved!

New improved and higher hay racks

We had already decided to give ourselves part of the day off in order to celebrate David's birthday.  We don't get out much these days and so it was a rare treat.  We even had a wash .. 

I had already booked us a table at a fab restaurant in Tankerton (near Whitstable) called JoJo's.  It is a while since we treated ourselves to a meal there and they have moved into new and larger premises - absolutely gorgeous.  Here's a few pics from their website:

The food was stunning, as always, and it was great to see Nikki and Paul doing so well. 

After a wonderful meal we took a short stroll along the prom and watched people enjoying the glorious weather at the seaside.  The sea was absolutely calm - not a ripple in sight.  Again, pics taken on the phone:

The second picture was taken in the direction of the Wind Farm but as the resolution is not so good on a camera phone, the turbines disappear into the mist somewhat!

The afternoon passed all too quickly and it was soon time to return to the farm to start the evening milking and feeding.  No rest for the wicked ... or goatkeepers ...

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  1. Happy Birthday David!!
    We haven't been to the 'new' JoJos yet ... despite it being on our doorstop but so pleased you both had a good day.