Friday, 10 June 2016

Who feels silly now then?!

As we have already seen, Shares likes to bring her little chaps into the parlour for their meals.

They generally wait by the wheelbarrow while she goes up the ramp to be milked (not that she has any spare milk for us - she gives it all to the boys!).  Growing in confidence every day, they are starting to get a little more naughty ..

So, tonight, they were skipping about near the wheelbarrow when this happened:

Oops ... 'beached whale' springs to mind!

We were laughing so much I could hardly keep the camera still!  

Completely stranded, he had to be rescued by a human .. How very undignified!

Fortunately, it was only his pride that was injured .. and he skipped off quite happily with his brother!

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  1. Good morning to you all. Can't wait for July 7th! My birthday PLUS cake & small Goaty folk = a great day!