Thursday, 2 June 2016

The return of the dairy fairy ..

Hallelujah!  Julie the dairy fairy is back in action!  Hurrah!!!  Boy, have we missed her!

Complete with new bionic knee, Julie spent a day packing our delicious fresh Ellie's cheese ready for our weekend markets.  I was assistant fairy to start with but then a much more capable fairy in the shape of Joe took over.

It is SO good to have her back.  She is never allowed to have any time off again.  Ever.

Meanwhile, out in the barn, showjumping Shares has been teaching her little chaps how to sneak through the bars in the gate so they can run around the barn with her .. From time to time, the excitement is all too much and they just have to have a little lie down.  Usually in a very comfy warm spot ...

When the rain stops, she takes them outside for a little wander and a snack;

And then into the parlour for milking time .. Shares is the brown goat in the middle ..

We have given up trying to keep any of them in!  She is happy wandering about, tends not to cause any trouble and keeps an eye on the babies if they start to stray too far from her.  I suppose she is a good goat really!

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