Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A race to beat the weather

Keep calm, it's only harvest season!!  When tempers flare, engines roar and bales are stacked higher and higher around the farm ... Today was no exception as the weather forecast did not bode well and, with two fields mown, David was getting nervous about getting everything done in time.

A bright sunny morning gave way to fog and drizzle.  But it soon cleared and David managed to get one field baled.  Phew!

But, with storms forecast to hit around 9pm, the bales needed to be wrapped and the other field was still down.  I started the evening milking as David prepared for a marathon session .. He managed to get the wrapping done fairly quickly and then moved round to the other field near to the parlour where I was able to keep an eye on progress as I did battle with unruly goats.

So, at 6.20pm the race was on!  

Off he went to rake the grass into rows ready for baling ..

With the sky still blue, the rows were ready ..

The goaties were gathered outside the parlour to watch what was going on:

And Cilla was particularly anxious - standing up on the gate ..

A quick change of outfit for the tractor .. and the baler appeared in the field, gobbling up the rows of grass ..

7.30pm and the sky was still blue.  But in the distance, the storm clouds were gathering ..

Goaties were getting increasingly nervous .. after all, this would be their food for the winter ..

The best view was up on the mountain ..

But they needn't have worried .. Baling was complete at 8.40pm .... David jumped out of one tractor and into the other one and set off with the wrapper in tow ..

The light started to change ...

And as the clouds gathered and raindrops started to fall slowly, the last bale was wrapped!

Hurrah!!!  Well done David!

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