Sunday, 14 June 2015

Goatie babies' day out

Well, even though I say so myself, the goatie babies were a huge success at Balham Farmers Market yesterday!

I loaded up 6 of the little people into our trailer and drove them (nicely!) all the way to Balham.  This was very exciting and a little bit scary for them as they have never been out of the farm.  And I have to say, it was rather strange towing a trailer full of goaties round the Catford Gyratory!

They all travelled very well and came leaping out of the trailer as soon as I opened the back:

We set up on a piece of grass to the side of the market where everyone could see them.

Anthony was on duty on the stall as I was intending to spend the day tiddling with the babies

Our lovely friend Sal also came along to visit and ended up helping Anthony serve customers.  It was lovely to sit back and watch other people work.

Everyone loved the goaties and many of the children were excited to be able to bottle feed them.  Needless to say, the babies enjoyed this more than the children.

There were lots of other activities for the children as well and the Punch and Judy show drew quite a crowd.

The little goaties were absolutely worn out by the time we got home and they all went straight to sleep!

David had been very busy while we had been out enjoying ourselves and he had finally finished bringing all the haylage bales back to the farm.  Endless loading and unloading .. So now we have something of a bale mountain at the back of the goat shed.

Not the most attractive thing to look at but at least it means that we already have a lot of winter food in stock for goaties and Gracie Moos.  And the main harvest still to come!

Today was also an exciting market day as I trotted off for the first time to the recently established Slow Food and Living Market at the luxurious Rosewood Hotel on Holborn in central London.

The weather was not kind to us today but there were plenty of stalls there and the whole place looked absolutely amazing.

A few stalls were set up outside the hotel on the pavement to entice shoppers in to the market:

And the shoppers were entertained by a young musician called Zoot who played a hand pan

I have never seen anything like this before and the sound which came out of it was just wonderful. Here's a very short video of him playing .. make sure your volume is turned up!

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