Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Goaties on the move

Today was the day when 130 of our lovely goatlings and kids moved to their new home near Hereford.  It has been an exhausting couple of weeks getting them and their paperwork all ready to go.  All those feet to trim and blood tests to do.  Lots of checking and rechecking of paperwork and the final selection of who was going and who was staying ..

So, finally, whilst Anita and Mel did the milking this morning, David and I went and sorted everyone out ready for loading into a huge lorry that was due to turn up around 9.30am.

We penned goatlings and kids separately - here's all those stroppy teenage goatlings waiting to be loaded:

The lorry turned up dead on time and we loaded the goaties in groups of around 20 to each section of the lorry. 

The babies went in first, up on the top deck ..

It all went pretty smoothly and soon we were ready to go.  Anita and I had tears in our eyes as we waved the lorry off ... a very proud moment that we were sending our babies to start another herd but sadness that so many of our lovely girls were moving so far away.

After a quick wash and change, I jumped in my van and drove like the clappers to catch up with the lorry.  I finally made contact with him at Warwick Services where he had stopped for a break .. and then it was off along the M5 and through that beautiful rolling Herefordshire countryside towards the Welsh mountains.

The goaties' new dad, Andrew, was waiting to meet us and lead us up  to the farm.  The lane got narrower and narrower and the lorry only just made it through in places!

And finally we reached the farm.  Absolutely gorgeous!  Stunning views across the valley to Wales .. lucky goaties! 

Unloading was pretty quick as all the goaties ran down the ramps and into their new barn .. goatlings in one section and kids in another.

They all seemed to have travelled very well and were soon investigating their new houses and tucking into the lovely hay and straw that Andrew and his family had got ready for them.  But in true goatie fashion, the kids had managed to break their automatic water bowl within minutes of being there!  Welcome to goat keeping, Andrew and Diane!!!

So, I am spending tonight in the most gorgeous farmhouse B&B a few miles up the road.  I will go back and say goodbye to the goaties in the morning before I wend my weary way back to the south ..  Must say that I would much prefer to stay up here!  No traffic, no people and lots of mountains.  Idyllic!!

David will be busy while I am away .. especially as we now have another new arrival.  This little girlie arrived during morning milking yesterday ...

And with very proud mum Katya (one of the big Mary goats):


 More to come .. we just don't know when!







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