Sunday, 31 August 2014

Like father, like son ...

At this time of year, it always makes me chuckle to see the little stud boys strutting their stuff in front of the girls (usually their mums and aunties!).  Young Magnus is glued to his dad Daramac and is learning all those hideous male goat habits from him.  I haven't worked out yet if Daramac is a proud dad or just resents the competition!

I managed to snap this pic of Daramac and eldest son Magnus with one of his younger sons bringing up the rear.  Nice photo for the family album!

Meanwhile, back inside the goat shed and completely oblivious to all the macho posturing going on outside, Valerie was safely tucked up underneath the hay rack.

Yesterday was a long day for David as he was fighting through the undergrowth in a field which has been neglected for several years.  The farmer wants to bring it back into use and so David was sent out with the heavy flail mower to try and beat it all into submission so that the ploughs can go in next week.

It was a hugely overgrown field and David said that some of the plants were so high, they were above the tractor cab!  He took this pic out of the front window to give me some idea of what he was up against ... the red thing is the bonnet of the tractor (about 6 foot high!).

So, what to do with a weekend of no markets? Well, I was tempted to load everything into my van anyway and just drive around .. but then I had to get to grips with the VAT return, do a couple of deliveries and catch up with my email. 

Today, however, we gave ourselves a couple of hours off and went into Faversham to the Hop Festival.  Beer and curry ... an excellent combination!  And, of course, you have to get into the spirit of the day by wearing the traditional head gear ..

Even the dogs joined in the fun!


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