Friday, 17 August 2012

Ginger and her new friend

And here they are ...

As you see, Ginger Goat took a bit of  a shine to our student Beth!  And, for those of you who had your fingers crossed for those exam results .... as we expected, she got straight A's.  Clever thing that she is ...  Last day today but hopefully we will see her again at kidding time next year.

That's all the students done for this year.  Next year has started booking already.  I think we must be on a list somewhere!!

So, all the barley straw is now back at the farm.  Yesterday evening, it was a bit of a marathon to get the sheeting over the top to save it from the worst of the weather.  David and I went up top and while I was up there, I took a quick shot of some of the goaties in the field below:

Our part of the country is still warm and sunny, though there are torrential downpours in the SW and Midlands.  David has been out again mowing grass ready for another marathon haymaking session over the weekend and early next week.  Looks like I will be home alone with the badly behaved goatie girls again!

This afternoon was particularly hot and although some of the girls were enjoying the warm sunshine:

some of the kids were lying on their wall to keep cool:

Off to Wye tomorrow, a visit from our Huddersfield friends tomorrow night and also a party to go to!  It's going to be another busy day ...

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