Thursday, 26 April 2012

Water water everywhere ...

Is is the torrential rain that makes my internet connection disappear do you think?  Three days without a decent connection.  Tonight I am writing to you on snail-pace mobile broadband ... I have a few pics to post but who knows if I can stand the pain of trying to upload them over this tin can and string connection.

Anyhow .. hideous weather don't you think.  Yesterday morning was particularly brutal.  Having fought manfully to keep the covers over some of our straw that is stacked outside, David finally threw in the towel and gave up battling the gale force winds.

No point in covering them up again now they are soaking wet so we will just have to wait for some sun and wind to dry them off.

And just for sheer entertainment value - a photo of  my good self looking a little damp:

 And a sad day as we said goodbye to our trusty old 7.5 ton tipper lorry yesterday morning. It has been standing in the yard for a couple of years now as David didn't really use it any more. It had a few problems and would have cost a lot to fix so the scrap man came to take it away to the lorry graveyard .. Poor lorry. Nice big space in the yard now though!

As is traditional in bad weather, I drove to Sussex and back with a delivery for our wholesaler, but by the time I got back late in the afternoon, the sun was starting to show through the clouds and there was a pile of little goats all taking advantage of the sunshine and warmth:

You will be pleased to know that the Nubettes have settled down and are now MUCH quieter than I reported on Monday.  Good little babies.

Anyhow - fingers crossed that someone somewhere fixes my internet connection for tomorrow.  Night night everyone!

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  1. I sympathise re. internet connection (or lack of) having suffered months of computer woes :-(

    David and I sneaked off to Belgium/Holland for a mini-break and avoided all the Kentish grotty weather (rain didn't catch up with us in Holland till yesterday afternoon)!

    Hope you've dried out a little now - it surely can't be much longer till Spring/Summer arrives .... pleeeeease.