Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sun and rain

Beautiful day (mostly) yesterday and the girls were out in the field for a lot of the time despite the wind:

This is a rather confused Ellie goat.  She wandered up to me with a strange expression on her face, licking her lips and bleating oddly.  It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what was going on but I think she had been trying to eat nettles!  Those fresh spring greens play havoc with your lips!!

Needlees to say - the hideous weather today kept everyone firmly indoors complaining about the rain!

Managed to get a couple of close ups of those little aliens - how cute are these?

And it seemed that the best place to curl up on a cold wet day like today was in a bucket:

One of the older kids has discovered that she is now big enough to scramble out of her pen.  Great fun!  Lots of skipping about in the barn and jumping into the lucerne bale:

And there's no sneaking up on the goatlings now.  As soon as they hear someone coming, they are up on the fence waiting for their hayracks to be filled up.  This is what greeted me as I walked round the corner to their house:

Well, I'm off to our wholesaler tomorrow with a delivery of frozen milk so I can guarantee that the weather will be foul.  I predict gale force winds and torrential rain!

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