Sunday, 29 April 2012

More new arrivals

So, Friday night didn't produce any babies but ZsaZsa had two little white people just after I arrived back from a very wet Wimbledon market yesterday afternoon.  I will try and get some pics tomorrow.  She had them all by herself without us hearing anything, despite the fact that David and Francesca were both in the barn with the goats!  She is a very proud mum. 

This week should bring us our little 'surprise' kids from when the milkers organised their mass break-out and a couple of very naughty goats had their wicked way with young Bramling and Caffrey.  Yes, Figgie and Patsy are both due this week.  On the day of the break-out we knew that Figgie had been in season and so had her scanned earlier in the year.  However, Patsy did not appear to be in season that day but as she has stopped milking and is now noticeably fatter than the other goats, we have to assume that she was a naughty girl as well.  So, that will be a real surprise as we don't have a clue how many kids she is carrying.

The weather was more or less as predicted this weekend - Wimbledon was wet but not so windy whilst Parson's Green was exceptionally wet and windy.  I chose a spot in a corner of the market so that I could tie my awning down to the railings - I could foresee some serious problems otherwise!  Every time there was a particularly strong gust of wind, all the stallholders simultaneously reached up to grab hold of their awnings!  Sadly, the good people of Fulham preferred to stay warm and dry in their houses and the market was pretty quiet.  Good for swapping at the end though - cheese for a large bag of veg, cheese for yummy cake, cheese for apples and juice.  I just love it!

Last week, we were delighted to have our dear friends Alice and George over to visit the goats.  Both work as cheesemongers in excellent delis and there is a lot of domestic rivalry between them as to who can sell the most/best cheese.  I have been hauled over the coals on several occasions for giving one of them more cheese than the other on delivery days!  I am sure that they take their delivery notes home and compare them!

Anyway, George took some lovely photos and videos so I will try and post up them up for you. 

Here's one of those gorgeous little Nubettes:

And, watch out for this handsome couple on the next series of Strictly Come Dancing:

For some reason, Caffrey was determined to put his feet up on my shoulders.  Just showing off how tall he is now I think!

And here's a couple of little videos for you.  First one shows two greedy goats, Thelma and Footsie, enjoying a banana with Francesca:

And this one shows some of our babies in action:


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