Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Kitty has a tiring day

So there I was, busy sorting out goaties with waggy tails for a day of romance with Hugo .... when I heard a strange noise coming from the other side of the barn.  Further investigation revealed Kitty goat in labour and having problems with a sizeable kid which was refusing to be pushed out into the world.

It took both David and I quite some time and a lot of pulling to free the kid and poor Kitty was totally exhausted by the end of it.  To my surprise, the baby was still alive when we managed to get him out and, so far, he seems to be doing OK.  His front legs are little wobbly at the moment but that has rather a lot to do with the enormous force we had to use to get him into the world.

And here he is, snuggled up with a very tired and sore Kitty goat.

He has managed to feed, though Kitty does not have much milk for him at the moment.  She forces herself to her feet and is very patient whilst the little chap crawls over to feed, but then she lies down again as soon as he is finished.  Hopefully she will get a good rest tonight and will be feeling a lot better in the morning.

In the next pen, Kimono is still loving her new babies and this morning was settled down in a corner with all of them.


And again, this afternoon ... seems to be her favourite spot!


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