Monday, 10 November 2014

And then there were three ..

Well, three MORE .. to be exact.  Seems like kidding is becoming a year-round event. 

We have been keeping a close eye on one of those suspiciously plump Mary goats as we suspected that there may be more to her waistline than just hay.  And she proved us right ...  these three little people appeared just in time for lunch on Friday:

Two males and one female.  Kimono is a great mum and loves her new babies.  She is very attentive - always cleaning and feeding.  But occasionally she does manage a little nap, as you can see.

Meanwhile, we have released the young goatlings from their pens with Hugo and Fenn .. and, boy, were they excited to be free again!!  Lots of running and skipping about ... Here they go!

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