Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A week of broken things ..

You'll be pleased to know that the new van got fixed by those nice men at the VW garage.  Once again, I have to say that the service from VW has been absolutely stunning from start to finish.  Couldn't praise them enough.  They certainly know the meaning of 'customer service'.  Marvellous!

But sadly it has been a week of broken things .. my main cheese fridge packed up (and cannot be repaired) and the bulk milk tank packed up (as I was sitting on the hard shoulder of the A20 waiting for the AA man to arrive).  Fortunately, Jane the Cheese has a very useful partner and he whizzed straight over very late on the Saturday night to sort us out.  What a good chap he is!

And then, to cap it all, we had our main trailer stolen over the weekend.  A large 16ft trailer disappeared from our field.  Closer inspection showed that it had been pushed down the field to a gate on a secluded lane - the padlock on the gate had been cut, and then the trailer had been hitched up to a vehicle and driven away.  So we'll never see that again.  Just SO annoying that we badly need it this week for harvest to bring bales of hay back up from fields.  Hey ho ..

Last week we had another vet student working with us.  Tessa is from Liverpool Uni and she absolutely loved those goaties.  One of our little 'special needs' boys took a liking to her ..

Tessa worked very hard during her stay and was absolutely worn out by the time she left.  Don't think that the extreme heat helped much!

Chickweed's babies are growing well - here they are fast asleep ..

We suspect that there may be a few more new arrivals as a couple of the goaties have sprouted large udders  ... we will just have to wait and see what happens!

And .. who remembers the 'Naughty Corner' in the milking parlour?

Well, it is with regret that I have to inform you all that it has now been reinstated.  And this is the reason why ..

Meet Epi.  A very naughty young goatie who insists on coming back up the 'out' ramp and forcing her way back into the parlour in search of more food.  David tried to secure the gate at the bottom of the ramp to stop her moving it, but that didn't work.  So he put a large concrete block against it ... but she just forces it out of the way!  So, he admitted defeat and put her in the naughty corner.

I think she quite likes it in there actually!

And finally, just a wee clip of what happens when you put 2 large plastic crates into a pen full of kids.

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