Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The start of harvest

Here we go again!  How the time flies ...

With the good weather predicted to last for a few days, David has decided to cut the grass in a couple of the fields close to the farm so that we can get a crop of nice haylage for the goats.  Haylage is slightly fermented grass - almost hay but not quite!  Delicious for the goaties who absolutely love it .. it smells just like cider.  Yum!

So, here is one of the fields in the early morning sunshine this morning - all the grass mown and on the ground:

A couple of hours later, farmer David was busy tiddling up and down in his tractor turning the grass so that it dries:

I decided to join him for a couple of runs up and down the field.  Here's the view out of the front window of the tractor:

And this is what happens behind ....
Tomorrow he will turn it all again in the morning, then row it all up and bale it.  Another farmer will come and wrap all the bales for us (as we don't have the machinery to do that bit) and then we stack it all up ready for the winter.
Over the weekend I called in at the Museum of Kent Life to visit our little chaps down there.  How they have grown!  They have 3 wheelbarrows in their area - one little man was just chilling out in the shade:

Whilst another found it more comfortable to lie in the wheelbarrow .. must have been very hot in the sunshine I would have thought but he seemed quite happy!

And finally .. our two old girlies went out for a stroll again during milking ..  I took Wilma out for a little nibble (hence the blue lead round her neck) but we were soon joined by sister Betty who didn't want to miss out on anything.

Nice mouthful Betty!!


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