Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A steady stream of babies

Since our last post we have had a steady stream of new arrivals with the latest two tinies arriving just after milking this evening to make 38 in total so far. 

The first mums are now back in with the rest of the girls and so I seem to spend many hours each day bottle feeding squeaky babies.  I love it  ...

So, in no particular order, here's a few of the lastest for your enjoyment:

Cassie with her two babies

Doris with Fremlina (our first kid this year from our dear old Fremlin goat)

Gilly fast asleep with her babies


Saffron with two very relaxed little people

Clever babies at feeding time
And some boys relaxing ....  

Old Frederick

Oliver's Bakery and Bath Soft Cheese enjoying the sunshine at the end of Parson's Green market on Sunday!

So that's it from me .. I'm back off to my little caravan for the night with the goaties.  Got to check on new mum Klara before I turn in.

Night night everyone ..

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