Sunday, 23 July 2017

The boys ...

Two blogs in two days ... we're on a roll here folks!

We spend so much of our time working with those goatie girls that it's easy to take the other half of the herd for granted ... those lovely boys!

All our boys live together in a separate area - our stud boys:

and our little meat boys:

Big Hugo is in charge, ably assisted by young buck Hilton and stud-boys-in-waiting Magellan and Ivanhoe ..

And, as you may remember, there is also Jack and Babba.  Two of our chaps who never quite made it to the butcher ... Now almost fully grown and catching up in size with daddy Hugo ..

Babba is a beautiful boy with his long elegant ears:

And Jack is a bit of a silly thing ... If you get too close, he will happily lick your nose like a dog!

The big chaps are very tolerant of all the little people and can be found snuggled up next to them at bed time.  Or, like Hilton, surrounded by his sons at feeding time this evening!

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