Thursday, 21 July 2016

Babies safely delivered!

The hottest day of the year was forecast for Tuesday - exactly the same day that I was due to take the second and final lot of kids to their new home in Herefordshire.  David had also intended to come with me but reluctantly decided to stay behind to make the most of the good weather and get the rest of the hay baled.  When the sunshine comes, you have to get harvesting!

Initially, we had reckoned on me leaving around 6am so that I would be with Andrew and Diane by lunchtime.  But the hotter the forecast got, the earlier my departure time became!

And so, around 2.30am on Tuesday morning, the babies were woken up in the darkness and gently loaded into a trailer.  There was great excitement as we set off and all the little heads poked out of the side to see what was going on!

Sunrise was somewhere around the M40 and we finally reached our destination just after 8am as the temperature was beginning to rise ..

We unloaded them all into their great big new house ..

And they were soon tucking into their breakfast and investigating the new spaces under the hay rack!

They settled down very quickly and looked like they had been there for ages!

These girlies (and 2 stud boys) are very lucky people to live on this farm as they will be well looked after, along with all the other goaties that we have taken there over the past couple of years.

It was fantastic to see their massive new barns and see how all our little girlies have grown into lovely big milking goaties.


The girls are all very well looked after and Andrew cuts fresh grass for them all every morning ..

It is such a beautiful place .. would love to live there myself!

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