Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Babies move house!

Cleo and Gilly are neighbours in the kidding pens.  And it would seem that Cleo's dinky little people like to sneak through the fence at night.  When I arrived in the barn this morning, I did my usual early morning walk round to make sure that everyone was alive and well ... and found this going on in Gilly's house:

Cleo's little Nubians all snuggled up in the corner next to Gilly's babies ..

As you see, Gilly was quite happy with this new arrangement.  Cleo, however, was not .. standing up on the gate shouting for her babies to come back home.  Poor Cleo!

This afternoon we hosted a visit from Hadlow College agriculture students.  A small group of enthusiastic students spent a couple of hours with us, chatting to the goats and learning a little about how the dairy works.

Some of them climbed in with the babies to have a little 'goat therapy' .. Here's Matt talking to some of our younger babies:

Most of them were also game for trying our delicious raw milk .. And it went down rather well!

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