Wednesday, 25 November 2015

When keys go missing ..

It's a boy thing.  Always losing your keys.

And so it came to pass that human David lost his keys to the truck.  Somewhere in the goat barn.  How do we know this?  Well .. as I walked out of the barn, the lights on the truck flashed, the doors unlocked and the interior light came on.  Which meant that one of those goatie girls must be standing on the lost key.

Needle in a haystack ....

Brainwave!  Borrow a metal detector and walk the entire barn in search of lost keys.  And this is what happened:

Much pointing of ears!

I have to say that the girls were not at all impressed with David's search.  They stared at him, pointed their ears and then ran out of the barn.  Changed their minds and ran back in ... Turned round and ran back out again.  Very amusing ..  But still no keys found.  The search continues ...

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