Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sunrise over the goat shed

We have had some cracking sunrises this week .. here's a couple for you to savour:

Red sky at night - goatkeeper's delight.  Red sky in the morning - goatkeeper's warning.  As they say!

The lovely weekend weather brought customers out to market and both Joe and myself had a really good day today selling our gorgeous goatie produce to the good people of London.  We are busy planning all our Xmas goodies at the moment, so watch this space!  We will have some lovely hampers and gift packs, beautiful kid skins and the most heavenly goat's milk soap.  All will be revealed in due course ...

And, as it was half-term this week, we had our customary visit from David's good friend Neil and his daughter Leoni.  Whilst Neil was working his wizardry on bits of our old MGB, Leoni was busy helping goatie Auntie Anita with foot-trimming.  And here she is with her old friend Husky goat:

Our little female kids spent happy hours basking in the sunshine earlier this week - how they have all grown!  Remember the Velvet Spiders?!  Here they are, all top-to-tail ..

And my beautiful little Erin who was so poorly for so many weeks after she was born ... such a smiley face now!

Those goatie girls were on a mission tonight ... frantically munching away to finish their hay so that David could put a  new one in for them after milking.  And that's Ladybird giving the camera the hard stare!

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