Friday, 28 March 2014

And life goes on

As if it was not enough to lose our dear Flora, we also had to say goodbye to one of our younger goaties yesterday morning.  Dory, a granddaughter of the original Ellie goat, fell suddenly ill with something which our vet could only describe as 'sudden toxic shock'.  Cause unknown but possibly may have been one of her unborn kids dying inside.

I spent a long and sleepless night snuggled up next to her in the barn but by the time dawn broke it was clear that I wan't going to be able to save her.  Our vet came out early and poor Dory was sent to the big goatshed in the sky.

A miserable couple of days indeed.

But life goes on and we have had more lovely babies arrive.  Klara, one of the larger Mary goats, had the two tiniest little girlies, one of whom seemed to enjoy climbing all over mum.


Some kids are not so active - here's one of Persi's little people absolutely flat out.

And in the midst of all this goatiness, our dear friend Mark came to spend a day with us.  He turned up in his lovely motor home and had the audacity to park right next to my caravan.  Bit of a contrast between the two, don't you think!

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