Monday, 10 March 2014

David the midwife

While I was off sunning myself at Brixton Farmers' Market yesterday, the goatie girls decided that David needed to be kept occupied and so kept producing babies for him.  Out they popped, one after another.  Noone was due but several of them have decided to be early!

So, along with Millie we now have Mora (she of the 'Dolly Partons') with 2 girls:

Mora is Millie's mum .. I think you can see the family resemblance ..

Myrtle also had 2 little girls.. The smaller one is hiding in the corner in the straw ..

Freddie had a single girl.  And then decided to push the gate of her pen open this afternoon and go for a walk in search of food.  She found the (empty) wheelbarrow:

Whilst the little one trotted off to talk to some of her new aunties:

And then this afternoon young Gladys decided that she was going to join in the fun as well.  Here she is waiting for her babies to arrive:

She had 2 girls as well!  Gladys is not so well coordinated as the other mums and keeps standing on her babies.  I spent a couple of hours just walking back and forth to her pen as the little ones kept on yelling!

And, talking of family resemblance ... Who does this little goatie remind you of?

Our young Husky maybe??  This is Wolfie who is Husky's little sister.  Same cheeky face.

And how about this for an unfortunate eartag number ..

Mmm .. 666.  Or 999 if you look at it upside down!  This was one of the little meat boys that I had to take to the butcher this morning.  As you may remember, meat boys don't usually have names but this one was affectionately know as 'Satan' for obvious reasons!

And finally .. the return of Limpy Fred.  Regular followers of our little blog will remember the lovely old Sussex bull who came to stay with us for a few months last year.  Well, it's that time again and so dear old Frederick has come back.

As you can see, he finds the whole experience extremely stressful ...

His calves seem to enjoy sitting near to him.  He looks like a very proud dad don't you think!

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