Thursday, 6 March 2014

Millie gets the ball rolling

Good old Millie!  Had her babies all by herself this morning.  I stayed in my little caravan last night as she was chortling away to herself and looking very goatie ... I got up around 2.30 am to check on her and all was OK.  By the time I looked in again around 5.30am she had 2 bouncing babies, all cleaned and fed and jumping around the barn!

Amidst all the excitement of new arrivals, some of the girls wandered out to enjoy another day of glorious spring sunshine

Whilst others decided to just laze around with their sisters

The boys were chilling out in the sunshine over their side of the barn

And Ginger wandered out to have a chat with Oliver, an anthropology student from Canterbury, who was visiting us to do a bit of filming for a project that he is working on.

He spent a very pleasant couple of hours with us and I think he enjoyed himself.  The goaties certainly enjoyed meeting him!

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