Buy some!

Thanks to our wholesalers, Ellie's Dairy products are widely available across Kent and the neighbouring counties. We have even heard of them on sale in Devon, Cornwall and Scotland!

Many restaurants now serve our cheese on their board, or use our cheese or goat meat in their recipes.

We take our own Ellie's Dairy stall to fairs and farmers markets in London and we also have a stall at London's Borough Market. You can find out where we're going to be on the front page of the blog.

Our close friends at Cheesemakers of Canterbury also attend many food fairs and markets so if you see their stand you should see our cheese.

But please remember we're a farm not a factory so supplies are not endless.  We can't guarantee that everything we make is available at every outlet all day.

We can supply local businesses direct, and all our products are available to customers by email order.  Delivery is via overnight courier at a charge of £9 for mainland UK.  Please contact us for further details about how to order to

Our wholesalers are:

Cheesemakers of Canterbury

High Weald Dairy