Friday, 14 March 2014

Sleepy kids and naughty goats

Gladys finally stopped trampling on her babies .. The addition of a plastic crate in her pen seemed to help as the babies then had somewhere to curl up.  Fast asleep ... With mum watching over them.
Kelly, daughter of Jane the Cheese, spent a goatie day with us yesterday.  One of our first jobs of the day was to get 7 of the little girlies to the vet for disbudding.  They are knocked out completely with general anaesthetic and sometimes can take a few minutes to come round again .. As you can see, Freddie's little girlie is flat out!

Whilst many of the goatie girls are busy with their babies, some of the other goats just continue to be their usual naughty selves.  Remember Ginger?  As you can see, age and increased udder size have not made the slightest difference to her ..

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