Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Only a few days to go

Just a few days left before the chaos of kidding begins once again. Hardly seems 5 minutes since we did it all last year!

The girls are starting to look rather plump.  Our first two expectant mums are especially round.  Millie was well settled into the straw tonight and firmly refused to get up for her tea:

Whilst her mum Mora was sporting a rather nice pair of 'Dolly Partons' as she came through the parlour.  Poor girlie has her udder round her ankles at the moment.  The red dot is to remind everyone that she shouldn't be milked, even if she comes into the milking parlour.  Got to save that lovely colostrum for those little people!

However, you don't have to be pregnant to be lazy, as demonstrated here by Siouxsie goat who had settled herself in the best spot under one of the hay racks.

Eventually, curiosity (and the rattling of feed buckets) got the better of her and she appeared (with much grumbling)

David thinks that the hayrack may be a favourite place for kidding this year as it's quite cosy and private.  There are also a couple of favourite corners in the barn. 

My little caravan outside the barn is cleaned and shiny and ready for me to move in .. we have patched up the leak in the roof (which left the carpet and mats rather damp after all that dreadful rain).  A few days with the door open and a fan heater on has done the trick and everything is dry again.

So, we are ready as we can be!  Bring it on ... let kidding begin!

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