Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A day of raw milk

What a day we had yesterday!  Jane the Cheese and I jumped on a train and went up to London to attend a big meeting with the Food Standards Agency on the subject of Raw Milk .. a subject very close to our hearts.  I had been asked to speak at the event as a representative of the raw milk producers, along with Steve Hook who is the largest producer of organic raw cow's milk.  Steve is a lovely farmer from Sussex who is absolutely committed to raw milk and passionate about his farm.  You may remember that Steve was taken to court by the FSA some time ago for putting a raw milk vending machine in Selfridges.

It was an excellent day with some great presentations.  The whole event was guided along by the wonderful Julian Worricker of the BBC and Steve and I were also interviewed by Sheila Dillon for the Radio 4 Food Programme (due to air on 6 April at 12.30).  I was delighted to see many of my lovely customers in the audience!

Whilst I was speaking, Jane was sneaking around trying to take photos ... Here's one for the album.

But, back to reality ... Our current vet student Emma is very attached to our tiniest little man at the moment:

He is a little sweetie - one of triplets born to Clover a couple of days ago.  He gets the prize for the tiddliest person so far this year.  He barely weighs anything and you can easily scoop him up with one hand.

But he is a plucky little chap and is doing very well.  Here he is enjoying his lunch with mum.  You can see the difference in size between him and his brother who is lying down in front of Clover:

As we know, little tiny boys grow into bigger boys.  And here's the proof ... young Humphrey doing his ballet outside the back of the milking parlour.  What a tall chap he is now!

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