Sunday, 8 November 2015

Anyone got a couple of million to spare?

The Slow Food and Living Market at the very sumptuous Rosewood Hotel on Holborn is not our busiest market, but it certainly is the most interesting!  I love people-watching and there is always plenty going on in the courtyard for a nosey person like myself!

Take today for example .. two of the most beautiful Mercedes ever built, parked in the courtyard.  One classic and one modern, they are both owned by the same man.  Being a bit of a petrolhead, I wandered over to have a look ..

The classic was an absolute beauty.  Originally built in 1954, it is one of only 1200 ever made.  The very charming gentleman has brought it up to date with some modern features and it is worth somewhere in the region of 2 million quid.  I didn't quite manage to sell that much cheese today so just had to make do with admiring it and chatting to the owner - a German collector of Mercedes vehicles who had driven over from Germany yesterday.

And then, apparently, Justin Bieber was staying at the hotel.  Who?  Yes, quite .... Apparently, some singer or other.  Think I am just getting old and disinterested in 'celebrities' ...  There was a quick flurry of people, 2 large cars with blacked-out windows and a young chap flanked by minders ... Out of the back entrance they all went.  The price of fame eh?  Apparently, the police had to get involved a couple of weeks ago when a load of female fans went crazy outside the hotel ..  

And the Haas Brothers sculptures are just incredible.  If you have any change left from your Mercedes purchase, why not buy a little piece for the garden?

The stalls themselves are very tastefully constructed and I always like to display some of our beautiful kid skins up the sides:

And I always love the stalls at Rosewood .. the most exquisite produce with traders who are absolutely passionate about what they do.  Today, we had a new stall with Turkish coffee.  A small family business which has recently been brought over to London by one of the daughters.  It was a joy to watch them making the coffee, carefully explaining to every customer how to make the perfect cup of Turkish coffee.  And it was rather delicious, I have to say.  And they also had the most beautiful Turkish coffee pots, or cezve, for sale as well ..

The goat shed is still ringing with the sound of hormonal females in season, all demanding Fenn's attention!  He is doing a good job and has a couple more weeks before we send him back down the road for a rest and bring Huggy Hugo up for his turn with the ladies.

One of our more agile female kids has taken to leaping out of her house to join the milkers.  I think she has been watching Monkey goat too much ..  Mbuzi, also know as 'the small African thing' is a very unusually coloured little goatie.  And she just loves cuddles!

And, as usual, at milking time there is the usual parade of old/retired girlies who like to come in through the back door to enjoy their dinner out of the wheelbarrow.  Here's Mora and Gilly:

As we have more and more old girls, that wheelbarrow is becoming very popular!

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