Saturday, 14 November 2015

An excess of hormones!

As a novice goatkeeper, I remember wondering to myself how we would know when a female goat was in season ... Many years later, as a more seasoned goatkeeper, I still chuckle when I think about it ...

Give you a clue .. Just a quick peek into the barn early one morning as the girls were all waking up..

And that carried on all day.  Even when she was put in with Fenn ... In fact, later in the day, Fenn was lying under the hayrack with Florie standing next to him still bellowing in his ear!

The Monkey business in the parlour (and elsewhere!) continues ... Still loves to jump into the wheelbarrow at milking times.  But, as she gets bigger, she has now discovered that she can reach other things that need to be investigated ..

But, after a while, it all gets too much and she has to have a little lie down ..

Meanwhile, mum Husky appears out of the darkness at the back gate to the parlour and waits patiently to be let in ..

And it's been another busy week for the rest of the goatie girls, as you see ...

Busy eating, busy lying around, busy getting fat, busy staring at the camera .. you get the general idea!

But not even those goaties have been as busy as Marmite cat ... Hard at work all week keeping the back of the armchair warm:

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