Thursday, 10 September 2015

Life goes on ..

So a week has passed since we lost our lovely Daramac and Hugo seems to be settling down without his friend.  He is now 'head boy' above Fenn and Clark, so he is busy keeping everyone in their place.  He is very patient with all the youngsters and his sons all seem to love their dad!  Anita captured Hugo and Daramac a couple of weeks ago, all settled down with their babies around them:

And here is Hugo enjoying his morning hay with some of his young sons earlier this week:

It does seem rather strange in the boys' house without my huge white boy around.  But, life goes on ..

Hop picking season has started in earnest here in Kent and I am fortunate enough to live right opposite one of the few remaining hop gardens in the county.  The hops are just beautiful this year ..

Every night I can see the glow in the oast house and hear the low roar of the diesel engine that runs all the drying machines.  Only another week to go and then virtually all the hops will have been picked and packed.

Goaties have been enjoying the gorgeous weather this week, although they were a bit reluctant to get their little goatie toes wet in the morning dew this morning.

There was lots of standing about ... And not much else!

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