Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Lovely weather for moving cows ..

Well, what a lovely weather we had this weekend!  Bucketed down with rain and turned everything to mud.  Perfect for moving cows around!

Yes indeed, the Gracie Moos have moved down the road to another field which had lots of lovely green grass just waiting for them to arrive.  Neil the bull was collected by the real farmer Neil and has gone back home for a rest after working hard (we hope!) for the last few weeks.  The Gracies were then moved in stages to their new field and only when everyone had arrived did they start to skip about.  Then it was 'heads down' to the serious business of eating all that luscious pasture ..

Meanwhile, the goaties have been staying firmly indoors, munching their way through endless bales of hay and haylage while the rain came thundering down ..

And it's apple season!  Old goats Betty and Wilma were thrilled to find a bucket of windfalls in the parlour tonight, all chopped up and ready to go!  

I am pleased to report that our 'hospital' pen of special needs babies is almost now obsolete. I have just two little chaps left who require that extra bit of tlc every day.  They really enjoy their bottle of milk each morning ..

And this year's prize for the most ridiculous ears has to go to this little chap ..

Ready for take-off!

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