Saturday, 11 July 2015

Borough Market here we come!!!

Yes indeedy ... after a lengthy selection and approval process, our humble little dairy is being allowed to trade in London's Borough Market.  For those of you who are not familiar with this market, Borough is possibly the finest food market in the country.  It is home to many specialist producers and is just a wonderful and amazing place to shop and eat.  The sounds, sights and smells are an assault on the senses and to walk through there on a busy day is just the most incredible experience.

And we are going to be there!!!!

Starting on 5th August, we will be trading every Wednesday through to Saturday and will be located in Three Crown Square near to Bedale's Wine Bar.  Look out for the Tomato Stall and Gorwydd Caerphilly and we will be near by.

I can hardly contain my excitement ... But there is just so much to do before we get there!

Back at the farm, life has continued apace and David is still busy baling all that lovely hay and haylage for the goatie girls and boys. The weather has been just right for haymaking and so he has been taking full advantage of it!

Young Monkey goat is growing up fast and spends her evenings with her Auntie Ginger.  Here they are, first thing in the morning, as we open the barn ready for milking:

Meanwhile, our experiment with mums and babies is going well and all the kids are getting quite big now.  Here's one of Sadie's little chaps playing with his Auntie Pippi .. smart move to stand on the wall so that he is the same height!

And finally, after all the little girls have gone to their new home in Herefordshire, these are the 9 who are left.  Specially selected for their characters!  Those little chocolate girlies are just SO cute!


  1. Well done Ellie's Dairy! We spent some time wandering round Borough Market in May as I was exhibiting/helping with an Exhibition at a Gallery in Southwark Street. Was amazed to stumble across Crossbones Graveyard nearby - an post Medieval unconsecrated graveyard for Prostitutes (Winchester Geese). The railings are covered in rosettes and ribbons commemorating 'ladies'. Worth a quick look if you have 10 mins. Suex

  2. sounds really interesting .. will have to wander round and take a look!