Sunday, 3 May 2015

The arrival of Gracie number 17

Not to be out-done by all those goatie girls, young Gracie Moo number 10 produced her own little person early this morning.  All by herself and without any fuss (goaties take note!) she delivered a lovely little heifer calf who was soon up and about with mum gently moo-ing behind.

She is quite a petite little thing but will soon grow into one of those big, brown and very round Gracie Moos.

Meanwhile, Maisea and Rubbish were curled up together waiting for milking to begin:

We have decided to leave Rubbish in permanently now as Maisea looks after him very well and she gets distressed when we take him out and return him to his own house.  So, everyone is happier if he just stays where he is!

When Maisea decides that she would like to go into the milking parlour, Rubbish just stays behind and snuggles down into the straw to wait for his foster mum to come back.

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