Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Babies and Morris Men

So, life goes on and we have to live with our memories of those lovely goaties whom we have recently lost.  And, as is usual at this time of year, amongst all the sadness and trauma of illness and death, new life arrives and the barn is full of the sound of excited, lively babies.

We are almost at the end of kidding now with just a handful of girls left to give birth.  Here are some of the newest arrivals:

Little Husky-Monkey continues to follow in her mother's wayward footsteps and spends most of her time just roaming around in the barn.  She always manages to find the most comfy place to sleep ..

And she has now been joined by young Rubbish who is growing up fast.  He leaves foster mum Maisea behind and climbs out through the gate to go and play with Monkey.  They make a good couple actually:

Makes me smile to think that her mum Husky used to do exactly the same thing with Humphrey when they were both kids ... sigh ....

And I managed to get a lovely photo of friends Hokey and Hermione curled up together last week ..

Our Farmers' Markets have continued apace throughout the kidding season and yesterday was no exception as I toddled off to the Three Tuns pub in Lower Halstow (Kent, for a change!).  We go there a couple of times a year and it is always a pleasure to meet up with the other stallholders again as well as our wonderful hosts Chris and Carol.

We had the added excitement of Headcorn Morris yesterday and it was great to stand and watch them dancing.  I was worn out just watching them!

And finally, a little video of a naughty baby ... Olwen's little girlie decided to squeeze out of her house and go exploring.  Mum was not so happy about this and was clearly quite anxious to have her safely back inside!

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