Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Ribbons and brown faces

Great excitement in Ellie's Dairy at the end of last week when our beautiful Xmas ribbon arrived!  This has been specially printed for us and will be used on all our Xmas gift boxes and special cheeses.  I know it's very early to be thinking about things like that but we have to get ourselves organised well in advance .. after all, much of the Xmas cheese has already been made!!

So here we are ... lovely stuff!

For those of you interested in such things ... this all came from a very nice man called Bruce Hooper at The Little Printed Ribbon Company in the Isle of Man.  Check out his Facebook page for all the details!
Meanwhile, the goaties have been tucking into their new organic garlic lick outside the milking parlour.

And as you can see, some of us enjoyed it very much!  Here's Daphne with a face full of sticky brown stuff!

The babies have been long overdue for mucking out but David has been waiting for the right weather to get everything out and into the dung heap.  After all that hideous weather of the past few days, today was gloriously sunny and so we decided to get all the babies out of their barn so that we could get a clear run at the place without everyone trying to 'help'.

So, they were all thrown out the back of their barn and spent a happy day munching away at the straw bales in the next barn.

I don't think they stopped eating all day.  And then they came back in to their newly cleaned house and carried on eating the new straw in there!  Heads down, bottoms up.

Our little escaping man was not impressed with his new house though as he can no longer reach up far enough to climb out.  He spent some time wandering along the fence where he used to climb out and, as you see, kept complaining that we had changed it all around and spoilt his fun!

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