Monday, 11 March 2013

My new boyfriend

I realise that some of you may be shocked by this but ... I have a new boyfriend.  Yes indeed.  Small, handsome, perfectly formed and doesn't snore.  Sounds good eh?  And ... we have spent the last two nights together.  In fact, this morning I left him sound asleep in my sleeping bag as I awoke around 3am to attend another birth.

Bet you're jealous!!

Here he is a couple of hours later when he decided that it was time to get out of bed and play:

He is the son of Bakeeki, one of our lovely British Alpine girlies, and was born about 3 days ago.  He seemed to start off pretty well but went rapidly downhill on Saturday for no apparent reason.  David spent the day trying to feed him whilst I was at market and then I took over when I arrived home.  He was in a bad way - limp and shivering and not wanting to feed.

So, he spent the night with me tucked up in my sleeping bag.  Very cosy and warm.  And every time he woke, I fed him a little warm milk and we spent a very restless night together.  And we did it all again last night!  He is looking so much better now and is hopefully on the mend.

By the way .. Jane the Cheese is selling her caravan and so I am back in my goat trailer for the nights.

Yes, it's chilly but I have a selection of sleeping bags, quilts and blankets and am rather nicely warm and toasty once I am inside.  The lovely Sal (GeeGee Parrot's Mama) came to visit at Parson's Green market last Sunday and brought me a belated Xmas pressie of a lovely jacketed hot water bottle.  It's wonderful!

And we were thrilled that our oldest girl Tammy has had her babies safely - all doing fine.  One male and one female.

Whilst Betty's babies were using her as a climbing frame:

Right, I'm back off to my trailer.  No little man to keep me company tonight though - I think he is fine in his own house.  Because the weather is so foul tonight, the babies all decided to curl up next to each other:

Not sure how much snow we are going to get, but it's certainly blustery and exceedingly cold.  More thermals for me tonight.


  1. Haha You nearly had company last night. David drove to Throwley to give a talk at the church on behalf of Air Ambulance. He said driving conditions were so appalling he wasn't sure he could make it back home.
    Thought he might have joined you on maternity cover!

  2. It would have been lovely to see him and I'm sure the goatie girls would have been very pleased to have his company!! It was a horrible night ... blizzard conditions and lots of ice. Hope he got home safely.