Saturday, 9 March 2013

Exhaustion sets in ..

Total brain fade ... Maybe it's just my age.  Or perhaps it's the fact that I haven't really had much sleep at all this week.  It's been a loooooonnnnnnggggg week of kidding and as I left the barn tonight for a brief visit home, there were 122 babies there.  Like I said .. a busy week.  Hence, no blog for a few days and I am seriously behind on taking photos.

The girls have kept us all very busy this week with babies popping out all over the place.  Mostly the milkers but we have had a couple of the first time mums and I think that the youngsters will keep us on our toes for the next few days.

As always, there have been ups and downs.  Mostly good deliveries but we have had a couple of really horrendous births which both I and the goat would rather forget about!

However, we do have a new midwife on hand.  Remember Margot?  The lovely white girlie who lost her babies a few weeks ago?

  She has taken it upon herself to attend every birth and help clean the babies.  Then, if the new mum is not paying attention, she stands over them and tries to feed them.  Poor Margot - she is so desperate to have a baby of her own to look after.  If we have any orphaned ones this year, we know who to go to for help.

Here she is helping Gilly with her new arrival:

Anyhow - it's getting very late again and I must return to my duties in the barn.  I will hopefully get more time to blog properly over the next few days but I leave you with a few baby pics to keep you going until then ...


  1. Hi Debbie. Very nice to meet up with you again at Parsons Green FM, Wimbledon and Ice creams seems another life ago! Had very positive response to a call that I have made on your behalf.. please check your email & mobile phone for the result!
    Hope Kidding continues to go on ok.. but you could have done without this dreadful snow and wind.. poor you, poor Goaty Mums.
    Best wishes, Sal & GeeGee.

    1. Hi,

      Always wanted to breed the blue goat of my childhood. That kid that margot and gilly are fighting over looks 'blue'. Is the father a British alpine?

      My saanen type is very very very very, yes 4 times, in kid to a BA billy, so fingers crossed again this year.

      Good luck with the kidding, not sure how you cope with so many?


    2. Hi Richard

      Good to hear from you! Yes, father of the blue kid was our BA male Max. Although we have had a couple that colour from our white male as well. His mum was black and white and sometimes the genes seem to skip a generation. We have had twins - one white and one black.

      Good luck with the quads! We have a set of those due to a goatling so not sure how she will cope with so many babies first time around.