Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Mighty Fizzy

For those of you wondering whether little Fizzy has grown during the past couple of weeks, here's your answer:

Guess that's a 'no' then!!  Still tiny.  Still stroppy.  Still a real little sweetie of a goat.  She always runs over to me and stands up on her hind legs waiting to be lifted up for a cuddle.  Almost a goatling and I can still pick her up for a cuddle ...  
And Marmite seems to have found a new spot for the winter.  Under my bed where the hot water pipes run under the floor, there is a very warm and comfy old sleeping bag:
How cosy is that on a cold foggy day?  I'm going to come back as a Marmite cat in my next life ...


  1. Thank you ... I needed a Marmite Fix LOL

    Looks as though she's planning to hibernate for the Winter now then?

  2. 'Planning' to hibernate??? Think it happened about 2 months ago! Hardly ever ventures outside - just stays indoors and hogs anywhere that is warm. She always tends to put on a bit of weight during the winter as well due to lack of exercise! I expect all the small rodents and birds are extremely grateful for a rest.