Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Betty takes the biscuit

Hello!!  Bit of a delay in blogging there .. something has changed on Blogger and I am having trouble uploading photos ... Have found a workaround so here we go!!!

Behold the face of a smug satisfied goat:

We take enormous pride in feeding our goats good wholesome food.  But it would seem that some animals are just not satisfied with this.  You may remember that dear old Betty goat is not being milked at the moment but as she doesn't like pushing and shoving with the younger girls to get at her food, she comes round to the back of the parlour and waits to be let in so that she can eat out of the feed barrow:
When she has had enough, she wanders around a bit and then waits to be let out again.  But apparently she got bored yesterday and, still feeling a bit peckish, decided to go for a little wander up the passageway.  There she found a kettle, some mugs, a couple of spoons ... all very tedious .... but then, bingo!  A box of biscuits that the humans had got for Xmas from kind Auntie Celia.  Yum!

David was alerted to something untoward as he heard the box hit the floor.  But he wasn't quite quick enough to stop Betty tipping out all the contents and scoffing a few large mouthfuls.  Seems that she is rather partial to a chocolate chip cookie but not so keen on custard creams.  Comes to something when you get to eat only the biscuits that your goat didn't like ...

And here's another piggy ...

Figgy piggy, to be exact.  Seems that she has been enjoying that nice gooey mineral lick again.  We had to wash her face when she came in for milking!

And how about this for a miserable looking goat?

While we have the time, we caught up on some odd jobs this weekend and did a bit of ear-tagging.  Some of the goats have old eartags that are worn or illegible and so we have to replace them.  The easiest, and least stressful way of holding the more nervous animals is to put them in the calf crush.  It holds them steady and means that the tagging is a very quick and easy job to do.  And it doesn't hurt - despite that pitiful look on Persi's face!

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  1. Naughty Betty .... LOL

    I love that photo of Figgy - looks like she's 'puckering up' to give some lucky man a big sticky kiss