Sunday, 24 June 2012

Flowers and sleepy kids

You'll be pleased to know that Marmite is helping me write this post for you tonight:

It's always useful to sit in the filing tray on the particular book or piece of paper that I am working on.  Typical cat ...

With all the rain over the past few weeks, everywhere seems to have gone very green all of a sudden.  The wild flowers are all bursting out and there are poppies all over the place

And it's getting to the best time of year for one of my absolute favourite things - elderflower

Made into elderflower cordial it is just delicious!  But remember to ask permission from the tree spirits when you cut the flowers, otherwise bad things will befall you.

As usual, all the kids started shouting this evening as soon as I walked into the barn.  They see someone coming and think it must be feeding time!  However, one little girlie was completely oblivious to all the pandemonium around her - she stayed fast asleep for ages!

Back to cheesemaking again tomorrow and another busy week to look forward to.


  1. We've just got back from sunny Fuerteventura to find mutant poppies have invaded our garden - hundreds of them and they're over 5ft tall!!!

    I'd like a Marmite paperweight too :-)

  2. Hi!!!

    Marmite paperweights are generally excellent except when they come in from the garden on a wet day and put muddy catty footprints all over your precious bits of paper. Many is the time I have had to send an important piece of paper to someone with an apology for the footprints!