Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sleep at last!

I love Monica.  She is wonderful.   And she wears a silly hat.

Whilst the equally wonderful Francesca is having a couple of well-earned days off, our acupuncturing vet Monica has come to stay.  Not only does she help out during the day, but she is also spending 2 nights sleeping in the caravan outside the barn.  Which means that I get 2 nights off to sleep in my own bed at home with Marmite cat.  I love Monica.  So does Marmite.

And, check out the photo above .... don't be distracted by the silly hat.  See how big that kid looks?  Guess who?  Yep .. little Hugo goat.  How much has he grown?!

So, having got the busiest two weeks out of the way, hopefully next week should be a little more sedate.  I think we have a total of 93 kids at the moment - latest two little chaps arrived late this morning to mum Coye who decided that she wouldn't wait until her due date of Tuesday.  Coye is a great mum though - always diddling with her babies.

And, as promised, here are some of the latest arrivals:

  Evie's son & daughter

  Quince with her babies

And yes, Ginger goat .. Who had triplets.  Here she is with her 3 little white babies:

The problem is now of course that Ginger is slim again.  Which means that she can probably fit through the gates again.  We wait in anticipation to see just how long it takes her to start her escaping tactics.  David is really looking forward to it!

And, more importantly - here's Flora with her little mountaineering foster daughter:

They are just so happy together.  The little one has really done wonders for Flora and given her a purpose to get better.  Flora is starting to get up on her own now and can walk around slowly.  She had another acupuncture treatment today as well.

Here she is standing up to feed the little one.  Notice how she still dangles that sore back leg though ..

But I think she is now well on the way to recovery and so hopefully we will have her back through the milking parlour in the near future.

So, just back to the barn to check on the goats for the night and then I get to come back home to sleep.  Utter luxury ..

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